You Can Get a Bad Credit Student Loan Without a Cosigner

October 20, 2011 – 2:20 am

Attending a college or university will probably be the most expensive proposition of your life. Fees and tuition for a higher education are stretching financial resources rather thin, making them harder to access. And the proposition becomes more burdensome when parents or family cannot help with the expense. In such a situation, many students will be faced with finding a loan, hopefully one without a cosigner.

Cosigner Facts

Having a cosigner has a lot of pluses and minuses. Cosigners must be someone you trust and with whom you can share all your financial aspects. They are usually family members or other individuals with a great interest in the students future. They should have a steady income with a decent salary. Their credit rating should be good. The cosigner must realize that should you default for any reason, the loan becomes their obligation. Should the payments on the loan be on time and in the amount agreed, the cosigner can sometimes be relieved of his or her obligation since the lender has a record of solid payments.

Federal Venues

Landing a no cosigner bad credit student loan is not so easy. They are not impossible to obtain, you just have to look in the right places. The government is the logical first choice. It has access to many resources to help students get funding for an education. Among them are bad credit Student Loans that do not require a cosigner.

No Credit Check

For these government loans, there is no rewarding the loan based on credit histories. They are not considered. These loans, since they are they are guaranteed by the government, are able to offer low interest loans to student — loans without a cosigner. Since they know the government will buy the loan should you default, their requirements are somewhat relaxed.

National Interest

The federal government is well aware of the benefits of a people who are adequately educated. In the interest of the nation they need to help as many students as possible through the education system. Some of these offerings do not come due until studies have been completed. You start making payments once you have become employed after finishing your course of study.

Private Lenders

The going is not so easy with private lenders. Their interest rates will certainly be higher since they have no one nor any collateral to cover the loan should you default. Payments will be due directly after the loan has been made; there is no putting it off until after school. You may want to do a little shopping in this market in case you do not get approved for a government loan.

Your Best Source

Your school will have a qualified staff at your disposal so that you can figure out the best way for you to get the financial assistance you need. They will give you information on all forms of financing. You may not be able to get a loan to cover all your costs, you should be able to find one that will give you enough breathing room to study and carry a part-time job to cover day-to-day expenses.

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