Student Loans | Thomas To Repay $17K In Student Loans

January 5, 2012 – 7:42 am

WASHINGTON – A federal judge has unsealed an order that directs a D.C. councilmember to pay back his outstanding student loan debt.

Attorneys for Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. had tried to keep the order under seal, arguing that it would hurt his reputation as he faces other legal problems. Thomas is the subject of a federal probe for allegedly diverting more than $300,000 in city funds for personal use. FBI and IRS agents raided his house last month.

Thomas agreed last month to pay back the unpaid Student Loans, but the amount was not made public until the order was unsealed Tuesday. He will pay back $17,277 in principal, interest, penalties and fees in monthly installments of $494.96. That would allow him to pay the full amount in just under three years.

LINK: Read Court Documents



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