Student Loan | Myths About Student Loan Refinancing Dispelled

January 12, 2012 – 1:51 am

The truth is that each situation is unique, but there are some facts that hold true in just about any situation, and with most consolidation companies. Be aware that not every situation, loan, or lender is the same. Whatever you believe about refinancing, make sure you know the facts before dismissing or applying for the option.

Myth: You cannot refinance one student loan.
Fact: Any loan can be refinanced, but not every loan should be. You want to check into refinancing your student loan if you can get a lower interest rate.

Myth: You cannot refinance Student Loans that are in default.
Fact: This is simply not true. Refinancing student loans that are in default is not only possible, but it is a great help in improving credit. The old loans are paid in full, and as long as you keep up on the new loan, you will quickly see a difference in your credit score.

Myth: Student loan refinancing will always save on interest.
Fact: Some student loan companies will give you a lower interest rate when you first consolidate, but that rate may not be fixed. In the end, you could wind up with a higher interest rate. However, you will still save money by not having multiple finance charges.

Myth: Bad credit will stop you from refinancing student loans.
Fact: Just as most student loans are made regardless of credit, so it is with refinancing. Your credit will only come into play when the company determines your interest rate. Even this may not be an issue, depending on the company.

Myth: You can only refinance student loans when you have finished school.
Fact: Student loan refinancing can be done at any time. Most companies that offer refinancing options will offer the same academic deferment that the original loans carried. You still won’t be making any payments until you graduate, but you will be saving money on finance charges and possibly interest in the meantime.

Myth: Once you have refinanced, you cannot do so again.
Fact: In most cases, the agreement you sign for your consolidation will not have any provisions excluding future consolidations. Student loan refinancing can be done while you are in school, and again when you graduate.


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