A Student Loan Refinance Deal to Help Organize Your Finances

September 25, 2011 – 11:20 pm

student loan experts often get asked this – is a student loan refinance move possible the way a home loan refinancing deal is? Well, if you’ve taken out more than one student loan and you have several minimum payments to make every month, a student loan refinance deal certainly would be possible and even advisable.

A refinancing deal should be of interest to anyone who finds it difficult to make all their payments every month. You wouldn’t have different minimum payments to make nor different interest rates to deal with. When a deal like this works out in your favor, you’ll be able to get everything together under one interest rate that is lower than what you would have paid with all the discrete payments. At the end of your Student Loans, when you’ve paid every cent down (yes, the very possibility does feel good to hear) you will find that you will have paid thousands less in interest.

Before you actually go and apply for something like this, a look at your credit report wouldn’t be out of place. If there’s any kind of credit-lowering entry in your credit report, you should probably take care of it first before you go in to file for your refinancing deal. You stand a great chance of getting the lowest possible interest coming to you this way. You would also benefit by smoothing out the application process to a considerable degree.

So where exactly do you go for a student loan refinance deal? In general, regular banks and credit unions do this. For an easier time so, an online lender might be better; you would get more competitive rates with an online lender. Shopping around would be a great idea.

If you’re really keen on getting the best refinancing deal possible, you should probably keep in mind that getting it done during the six-month grace period you get right after graduation would be a great way to get at least a half percentage point knocked off your interest rate. Lender incentives can be great way to get a point or two knocked off too. Applying with a lender to have an auto debit set up with your bank account for the payments to go out automatically each month could get you a quarter percentage point off. ScholarPoint is one company that does this. If you pay on time every single month for three years, lenders like these will even knock another percentage point off your rate.


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